Workplace Trauma

Disaster can strike in seconds but the damage may be experienced for a lifetime.  We have the experience to support your organization through the unexpected.  Peoplework Solutions offers tailored critical incident management services to help your organization through any traumatic event. 

Critical incidents are events with distressing impact, sufficient to overwhelm individuals or groups of people usually able to cope.  They are sudden, powerful occurrences, often involving death or life threatening situations.   Some examples of critical incidents include:

• Employee accidental or sudden death
• Verbal/physical violence and abuse
• Industrial accident
• Road, air, rail and sea disasters
• Lay offs/Downsizing
• Mugging/robbery/crime
• Suicide
• Natural disasters
• Adverse or negative publicity

Critical incidents are inevitable in any type of business.  Peoplework Solutions is prepared to respond quickly, professionally, and confidentially to minimize the risks associated with these events.

The National Safe Workplace Institute identifies a more than $4.3 billion annual cost to business as the result of lost productivity, worker error, sick time and job related injury, resulting from the traumatic impact of a critical incident.  A critical incident management program provides several ways to control those costs.  It provides risk management for adversarial situations and minimizes litigious expenses.  It helps prevent burnout and job stress problems along with costs associated with worker injuries and errors.  These efforts also promote employee wellness and decrease sick time benefits use by up to 60 percent.  Critical Incident Management allows you to stabilize situations quickly and effectively, and also improve the ability to meet OSHA requirements for General Duty Clause 29 USC 1900 5(a).

A critical incident management program helps organizations effectively cope with any occurrence of workplace violence.  According to USA Today, “in an average week in U.S. workplaces, one employee is killed and at least 25 are seriously injured in violent assaults by current or former coworkers.”  Here are some common warning signs of workplace violence:

• Past violent behavior
• Excessively argumentative
• Family or money problems
• Substance abuse
• Extreme changes in behavior
• Hypersensitive to criticism

Peoplework Solutions offers these critical incident management services separately or bundled with a comprehensive employee assistance program (EAP).  Contact us today for more information at 304-722-9119.

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