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Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services


Peoplework Solutions is offering a Department of Transportation (DOT) Substance Abuse Program to further service the needs of our consumers and the surrounding community.  This type of program is needed when an employee of a DOT regulated industry has tested positive for a controlled substance or for alcohol misuse.  We make every effort to ensure that your program is successful and in compliance with Department of Transportation regulations. The primary safety objective of the DOT is to prevent, through deterrence and detection, alcohol and controlled substance users from performing safety-sensitive functions.  Much of this program is dictated by DOT regulations and will last a minimum of one year.  This program contains several steps and procedures.


STEP 1 – Paperwork is mailed or faxed to client.

            The following paperwork is required to enroll:

·         A copy of the last positive drug/alcohol test.

·         Forms 300, 301, and 302 and a signed contract

·         Payment at initial session


STEP 2 – We find a DOT SAP (substance abuse professional).  Peoplework Solutions houses a SAP for the convenience and benefit of our clients.  The SAP will make treatment recommendations based on this evaluation and these recommendations will be sent to us and the client.


STEP 3 – Once the recommendations are completed, the client must fax or mail us their documentation.  The SAP will then perform a follow up evaluation and a return to duty test may be completed.


STEP 4 – Once a negative test result is received from the collection site, the client or designated employee representative will be contacted with the results, and a letter will be generated regarding program compliance and aftercare recommendations.

·         For a minimum of one year, the client must submit to follow up drug and/or alcohol tests.  The client has 24 hours from the time they are notified to test, no matter where they are. 


STEP 5 – At the end of the program, the client makes an appointment with the SAP for a completion evaluation.  The client is now finished and has met all the requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation.


We make every effort to ensure that client needs are met during this program.  We provide the following services during this program:

·         Face to face substance abuse evaluations (initial and follow-up)

·         Specific treatment recommendations

·         Assistance in connecting to recommendations

·         Compliance monitoring

·         Recommendations for follow-up testing and aftercare


Please contact us today for more information about our DOT Substance Abuse Program (304)722-9119. 

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