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“Then, now and always about the people….”

                                                                              people as cogs in a business
 Peoplework Solutions Corporation was established in 1992 to address the needs of employees and the organizations for which they work. It was founded on the concept that employees are the most valuable assets of any business; and that addressing the issues and needs of the “people” who power organizations is a “win-win” for both the individual and the organization. It is a female-owned, West Virginia based business which initially provided Employee Assistance to employees, and Consultation services to their employers regarding larger organizational “people” issues—hence the name Peoplework Solutions. However, the demand for expanded services quickly evolved into “front-to-back” specialties addressing a variety of people and behavioral issues for diverse organizations:

 Recruitment, Assessments, and Screenings for Initial Hire and Promotion
 Human Resource On-Demand
 Professional Consultation
 Employee Assistance Services
 Training and Professional Development
 Career and Outplacement Services
 Critical Incident Intervention
 Facilitation and Strategic Planning

Over the past 20 years, Peoplework Solutions has established a reputation as being responsive, knowledgeable and professional in the delivery of valuable customer services. We are particularly proud of the people commitment of the long term customers we have served in many capacities.  Toyota, Kureha PGA, LLC, West Virginia State Police, Chapman Technical Group, Diamond Electric, Ohio Valley Bank, West Virginia Rehabilitation Service, West Virginia Division of Banking, Kanawha County Commission, BrickStreet Insurance, Putman County Sheriff’s Office, Charleston Kanawha Housing, and West Virginia State University are a few of the local entities, while there are numerous other national and regional organizations.


Peoplework Solutions Corp

200 Kanawha Terrace

St. Albans, WV   25177


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