Additional Training Topics

Assertive Communication: “Talk And Listen With Success”
Would you like to feel better about yourself? Enhance your career: Reduce stress? Improve your relationships? Learning better communication skills can help you accomplish all these things. In this workshop:
 Improve your speaking skills
 Learn active listening skills
 Learn to deal with aggressive people

Leadership:  “A Manager Gets People To Do Things. A Leader Gets People To Want To Do Things”
Learn the art of leadership. Many people find themselves in a leadership role without the training to supervise, manage or lead. That situation can lead to many conflicts and problems. Our workshops take the mystery out of motivating and leading people. Participants gain knowledge about themselves and about others. Workshop participants will:
 Learn the styles of leadership
 Become comfortable in the role of leadership
 Learn the specific skills you need to be an effective leaders of the people you supervise
 Explore the qualities of a highly effective leader
 Gain greater clarity about themselves
 Gain confidence as leaders
 Develop core leadership competencies
 Learn to speak to they are heard
 Increase their communications skills

Coaching: “What Is Coaching?”
Coaching is a partnership based on  mutual commitment and respect that enables the coach to support the performer’s development by bringing forth new possibilities for action so that the performer is better able to meet his/her goals. Coaching is not supervising or managing. It is a new relationship based on mutual commitment, respect, and caring. It is done with the permission and willingness to be coached. Coaching is person to person, not role to role. Personal coaching results in a partnership that helps identify goals; goes beyond horizons; and increases personal and professional development, effectiveness, and learning in any area. Workshop participants will learn:
 The personal qualities needed to be a coach
 The benefits of a coaching relationship
 Communication skills that are essential to effective coaching
 What the barriers are to effective coaching an dhow to avoid them
 To clarify commitment, generate new possibilities, and initiate action
 To monitor and provide support

Creative Problem Solving: “Get It Fixed The First Time”
Innovative responses to challenges in the workplace flow largely from the associations we make between the problem at hand and he knowledge and experience we hold in our head. Therefore, the most creative and varied solutions to complex problems require “thinking outside the box”, utilizing people with diverse backgrounds to creatively problem solve, not just a quick fix.
 Learn to assess and define the problem
 Work to the “root cause”
 Brainstorm solutions
 Implement solutions

Balancing Work and Family: “I Have To Do Every Damned Thing”
With all the demands of and changes in the workplace, it is often difficult to balance work and family. This workshop will help participants define what’s important in their lives, better organize their priorities, determine what to “let go”, and know when to ask for help.

Time Management: “Beat The Clock”
Help yourself organize your world and your life to help from always feeling behind and frazzled. There are easy steps to keeping track of your time, getting the most of your minutes and still be free.


Workplace Violence: “Going Postal”
Every organization has a responsibility to its employees and customers to be prepared for workplace violence. Learn how to evaluate your risk management opportunities and put basic policies and procedures in place to minimize your risk. Know how to identify the red flags of violence potential and how to respond.














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