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 training classPeople are the best assets of your organization.  Investing in the development of your people is vitally important in many ways, but just throwing money into training is not always effective – even if it is the latest, “must have” and most talked-about training.  ALL training is NOT created equally.

       Peoplework Solutions does not deliver “one-size-fits-all” training.  We develop and customize each training, seminar, or workshop to meet the needs of the customer group or organization.   We carefully assess your needs, listen to your concerns, and help you select the best training content to benefit your employees and organization.  We offer a wide variety and selection of training topics.  Your employee and training needs are unique; and we strive to offer your organization the most informative, interactive, impactful, and entertaining training.

       The following is a list of some of our most requested training topics:

 Conflict Management – “Turning Conflict Into Opportunity”
 Humor And Stress Management – “Laugh For The Health Of It!”
 Building A Team – “You Are Not An Island”
 Building Trust – “Hard To Get And So Easy To Lose”
 Managing A Multi-Generational Workforce – “ Work Ethics From Boomers  to Nexters”
 Providing Exceptional Customer Service – “If You Think Customers Are Not Important, Try Doing Business Without Them”
 Internal Customer Service – “If It Ain’t Happenin’ On The Inside, It Ain’t Happenin’ On The Outside”
 Dealing With Performance Issues – “I Thought Being A Supervisor Was Going To Be A Piece Of Cake”
 Burnout And Compassion Fatigue – “I’ll Be Happy When It’s Friday!”
 Personality Styles – “Showing Your True Colors”

Additional Training Topics 


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