TRAINING/COACHING EMPLOYEES Emotional Intelligence is a concept which brings new depth to understanding and evaluating what is intelligent behavior.   Emotional Intelligence addresses the emotional, personal, social, and survival dimensions of intelligence, which are often more important for daily functioning than the more mental aspects of intelligence.  It is the less cognitive part of intelligence and is concerned with understanding oneself and others, relating to people, and adapting to and coping with the immediate surroundings.  Emotional, personal, and social intelligence helps predict success because it reflects how a person applies knowledge of a more personal and interpersonal nature to the immediate situation.  It measures a person’s ability to get along in the world.

       Emotional intelligence and emotional skills develop over time, change throughout life, and can be improved through training, coaching, and remedial programs, as well as therapeutic techniques.  In other words Emotional Intelligence is elastic – those who lack it can acquire it; and those who have it can enhance it.

       Emotional Intelligence testing identifies areas of strengths and opportunities that training and coaching can be designed to address.  In fact, testing yields reliable and accurate results which are invaluable to training and coaching which can address crucial organizational needs such as leadership development and succession planning; talent development and retention; change management, conflict resolution, and negotiation skills; as well as team building and cultural sensitivity.

       People at every level of the organization, from new hires to senior managers and leaders, can develop and enhance their Emotional Intelligence skills to significantly improve job performance and deliver higher productivity with better bottom-line results.

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