PSYCHOLOGIST TESTING   The Emotional Quotient Inventory represents a well-constructed tool that measures a clearly defined and important concept: the respondent’s ability to be successful in dealing with environmental demands and pressures.  It also provides valuable feedback for the respondent by quantitatively indicating emotional skills that need improvement.  Emotional intelligence and emotional skills develop over time, change throughout life, and can be improved through training, coaching, and remedial programs, as well as therapeutic techniques.

       The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i) measures 15 conceptual components of Emotional Intelligence on 5 subscales.


       Interpersonal Components              Adaptability Components

         * Emotional Self-Awareness (ES)     * Problem Solving (PS)
         * Assertiveness (AS)                      * Reality Testing (RT)
         * Self-Regard (SR)                         * Flexibility (FL)
         * Self-Actualization (SA)                                              
         * Independence (IN)                     General Mood Components
         * Empathy (EM)
         * Social Responsibility (RE)               * Happiness (HA)
         * Interpersonal Relationship (IR)       * Optimism (OP)

                                Stress Management Components

                                     *Stress Tolerance (ST)
                                     * Impulse Control (IC)

       The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i) can be employed in many ways and in a variety of settings.  It is appropriate in corporate, educational, clinical, medical, and research settings.

Corporate Settings

       The EQ-I is versatile in business environments. Business leaders can use this tool to more effectively manage their emotions for improving communications, getting the best out of their people, and to negotiate their day to day challenges.  It can be used as a supplemental evaluation tool in hiring to select emotionally intelligent, emotionally healthy, and potentially successful personnel.  It is a valuable instrument for gauging the impacts and effectiveness of organizational change restructuring and is very beneficial in team building and development.

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