Female Leader  The reality of organizations today is that everything is changing faster than ever before. Everyone is doing more with less and in this fast paced and chaotic world communication breaks down, people are on edge and relationships suffer.

       The most successful leaders recognize they not only need to understand their employees but they need to understand themselves if they are to maximize everyone's abilities. It's not enough just to be technically and intellectually competent. Leaders today need to know how to deal with their emotions to communicate effectively, get the best out of their people and negotiate the day to day challenges.

       The most important "e-term" you may learn in 2019 is Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence brings a new demension to understanding and evaluating what is intelligent behavior.  Broadly speaking Emotional Intelligence addresses the emotional, personal, social, and survival dimensions of intelligence, which are often more important for daily functioning than the more mental aspects of intelligence.  It is the less cognitive part of intelligence and is concerned with understanding oneself and others, relating to people, and adapting to and coping with the immediate surroundings.  Emotional, personal, and social intelligence helps predict success because it reflects how a person applies knowledge of a more personal and interpersonal nature to the immediate situation.  It measures a person’s ability to get along in the world.

       Experts say that Emotional Intelligence can make or break careers and elevate leadership to higher levels of success.

       As a leader, understanding and evaluating your own Emotional Intelligence will enable you to:
 Persuade, motivate and influence others to get things done
 Understand your emotions and influence the emotions of others in a positive way
 Overcome the causes of difficult behaviors in others
 Regulate your emotions to keep in control … how to alleviate anger/tension
 Use empathy the right way
 Communicate in a constructive way that does not cause anger, resentment, or hurt
 Improve your relationships with your people

       In short, Emotional Intelligence is synonymous with good leadership.  Identifying and nurturing Emotional Intelligence skills are essential to organizational success.



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