One out of every 10 employees is impaired by personal problems which affect the ability to perform well on the job.  Some of these problems such as: substance abuse and dependence, depression, anxiety, and stress, frequently get worse without professional help.  Providing help early, often results in a more positive prognosis, a significant reduction in the length of treatment, and a lowering of health and related costs for the organization.  In fact, it is estimated that an employee with an addiction or other serious personal problem costs the employer 25% of his/her annual income in factors such as:

• 16 times more absenteeism
• 3.6 times more accidents due to lack of focus and concentration
• 3 times more sick benefits
• 5 times more compensation claims

         An EAP can help organizations, managers, and employees recognize the signs of a problem that can impair work performance, before the problem affects other workers, and becomes a costly source of frustration and termination. An EAP can help the organization develop policies and procedures which ensure that the individual with a problem has access to prompt and effective help. Keys to effectiveness include: strict confidentiality and assurances that the employee may access the professional services of the EAP program without jeopardizing his or her job status in the company.

         In the course of little more than three decades, employee assistance programs (EAP’s) have become commonplace in work organizations.  More than ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies provide employee assistance programs to their employees, and surveys indicate as many as two thirds of medium sized businesses offer them, as well.  Employee assistance programs are perceived as providing services to employees – services that are primarily clinical or informational.  Employee assistance programs are promoted as a means of assisting workers with alcohol and drug problems – their original mission -- as well as, stress management, crisis intervention, and a myriad of relational, family, and workplace issues.  Employee assistance programs are further promoted as a service to help maximize workforce performance, conflict management, and ultimately, productivity.  Employee assistance programs, provide an additional vital service to an organization, as well.  In addition to being clinical and individually focused, employee assistance programs also function as independent problem solvers, serving both the employee and the employer.  Employee assistance programs are an employer’s expert consultants on human dynamics in the workplace and often serve as trouble-shooters for larger organizational issues.

The results of an effective EAP program can be dramatic!

 Equitable Life reports that for every $1 invested in an EAP, there is a $3 return in increased productivity.

 Chessie Railroads picked 120 EAP cases at random and found an 83% decrease in absenteeism and an 89% decrease in grievances.

 Bank of Delaware, in their first EAP year, helped 76 of their 1000 employees with problems ranging from alcohol abuse to eldercare.

Peoplework Solutions Corporation is a minority-owned, West Virginia-based, full service human resource development firm providing comprehensive employee assistance services (Employee Assistance Resource Service – EARS) for West Virginia employers.  We are the only independent EAP provider in West Virginia; and therefore, we are not in competition with, nor aligned with, any treatment provider or facility.  Our comprehensive services and independence allow employers to contain and manage health-care costs as well as to reduce out-of-pocket expenditures for their employees.

Peoplework Solutions Corporation presently provides statewide and multi – state EAP services to over 60 companies, organizations, and government agencies.  A locally owned and managed business, we are also contracted by the major national employee assistance programs’ management firms to deliver services to their West Virginia customers.  In addition, we are contracted directly by state agencies and smaller businesses to provide employee assistance programs and training services for their employees.  Our quality of service and ethical performance are the trademarks for which we are known; and we look forward to the opportunity of providing our professional services to your organization , as well.
Peoplework Solutions is a “true” EAP provider.  Our EAP services include assessment; short-term, solution-focused counseling; coaching; and referrals for treatment when requested or deemed necessary.  Unlike other providers we are not a counseling/therapy business, based on the medical model.  The differences between the Employee Assistance Resource Services (EARS), offered by Peoplework Solutions and other employee assistance programs (EAP’s) in West Virginia are distinctive:

1. A broad perspective on human behavior, problem resolution and workplace impact.       
2. Non-affiliation with any therapy or treatment providers.
3. A comprehensive knowledge of organizations, work demand, job performance and employer/employee issues.
Most EAP’s in West Virginia are marketing arms for therapy practices or treatment services.  EARS is different.  EARS is based on the work centered model and not the disease/treatment medical model.  Our focus is on serving as the bridge between the employer/organization and the providing community.  It is our purpose to ensure that your employees and their family members receive timely, appropriate and cost-effective solutions to problems that may negatively affect the quality of their lives and their workplace productivity.

Peoplework Solutions is not a provider of long-term therapy, as are most other employee assistance program vendors.  Therefore, you can rest assured we will not be using your EAP service as a marketing mechanism for reaching into your more costly insurance benefits.  Over 51% of the individuals we see never require additional services.  Only when on-going counseling, therapy or medical treatment is necessary for recovery, is a client referred for other benefits through his/her health care provider.  Individuals are then referred to the provider(s) most qualified to meet their needs.

This type of employee assistance process is most valuable to you as an employer.  Employees will be quickly and efficiently assessed in a professional and confidential manner.  This assessment incorporates not only an understanding of the psychological aspects of any problem, but also the integration of work and the need to assist the individual in maintaining productivity.  Most problems can be solved without medical intervention, which keeps your health care costs lower. You save your people, your productivity and your money.

Our employee assistance service is but one of the vital services offered by Peoplework Solutions.  We are a full-service, human resource development firm.  Therefore, our perspective on human problems and concerns is holistic, as is our view of larger organizational issues.  In fact, because we are a human resource firm and have staff members knowledgeable about employment, Peoplework Solutions has served as a resource for management on a variety of human resource issues.  Our services have included management consulting; employee selection; conflict resolution/mediation with entire groups; consultation regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); wellness programs; development of Affirmative Action Plans; critical incident intervention and stress management; employee development training; career planning and coaching.  Our holistic approach and knowledge of larger organizational issues have enabled us to serve the employee, and assist the agency or business in meeting goals through helping create and maintain a healthy and productive workplace.  We have built an outstanding reputation based on high quality services that are unique, affordable, and usable.  We take pride in staying informed regarding the changes in our profession, developing strong relationships with our clients, and sharing our knowledge with them to maximize their success.

Allowing Peoplework Solutions Corporation to serve you is how you will come to appreciate our uniqueness.  All of our customers are struck by the differences between our approach and that of others in the Human Resource business.  Our commitment to quality and to our customers is paramount.

Professional History:

Peoplework Solutions Corporation has offered an extensive range of professional services to a very diverse customer base of large and small, private and public businesses throughout West Virginia and bordering states for more than 25 years.  Our comprehensive services include, but are not limited to:

• Employee Assistance Resource Service (EARS): Contracts with over 60 companies to provide assessments, counseling and crisis intervention on a 24-hour basis.
• Presentation Services: Workshops, Training, Seminars, and Keynotes.
• Career Transition Services: Recruitment, Pre-employment Assessment, Interviewing, Employee Assessment, Background Checks, Outplacement, and Retirement Planning.
• Problem Solving: Team Building, Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, and Conflict Resolution.

In addition to the large corporations and smaller private businesses for which we provide human resource development services, we have been the provider of choice for a number of West Virginia state agencies.  We have contracted to provide employee assistance services and technical consultation for the Bureau of Employment Programs and the WV Attorney General.  Our statewide employee assistance program with the West Virginia Department of Rehabilitation Services spans 18 years.  We have a 16-year history serving West Virginia State University; a 16-year history of providing employee assistance services statewide to the West Virginia State Police, Department of Public Safety; and an 17-year history serving the West Virginia Division of Financial Institutions.  The experiences we have gained serving these governmental agencies further enhances our ability to meet the needs of your organization.




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