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Recognizing that people are an organization’s most valuable assets, we problem solve a wide range of people problems, organizational issues, and workplace needs to enhance the quality of life of your employees, as well as, the bottom line of your organization.

We offer an extensive range of professional services to large and small businesses throughout West Virginia as well as, nationally and globally. 

Peoplework Solutions is a full service human resource development firm. We offer an extensive range of professional services to large and small businesses throughout West Virginia and other states, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Employee Assistance Counseling & Referral Services
  • Training/Development / Keynote & Coaching Services
  • Assessment Selection Services
  • Down-sizing / Restructuring Outplacement Services
  • Career Planning / Career Transition Services
  • Organizational Problem-Solving / Consultation Services
  • Crisis Intervention Services

Our Reputation

Peoplework Solutions has an outstanding reputation based on the high quality of our services. We believe that your business is unique in its employees, its management, its goals, and its needs. Every service we offer can be tailor fitted to your individual organization. We can help assess your needs and recommend the most cost effective, efficient, and usable services. Our diverse and skilled staff will work with you to increase your employee's productivity and job satisfaction.

Our services are not one-size-fits-all. We know that your work environment is unique. We work in partnership with you to develop the right package of services to get results. Our experts are available to discuss your people-work needs.


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Tips for Coping with Holiday Stress and Depression  Pace yourself. Do not take on more responsibilities than you can handle.  Make a list and prioritize the important activities. This can help make holiday tasks more manageable.  Be realistic about what you can and cannot do.  More...

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Support Employees with Cancer
A new guide developed by the National Business Group on Health and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network offers employers an online toolkit to help address the impact of cancer in the workplace. More...

Workplace Trauma
Disaster can strike in seconds but the damage may be experienced for a lifetime. We have the experience to support your organization through the unexpected. Peoplework Solutions offers tailored critical incident management services to help your organization through any traumatic event. More...

One out of every 10 employees is impaired by personal problems which affect the ability to perform well on the job. Some of these problems such as: substance abuse and dependence, depression, anxiety, and stress, frequently get worse without professional help. More...

Training And Staff Development
People are the best assets of your organization. Investing in the development of your people is vitally important in many ways, but just throwing money into training is not always effective – even if it is the latest, “must have” and most talked-about training. ALL training is NOT created equally. More...

Peoplework Solutions is offering a Department of Transportation (DOT) Substance Abuse Program to further service the needs of our consumers and the surrounding community. This type of program is needed when an employee of a DOT regulated industry has tested positive for a controlled substance or for alcohol misuse. We make every effort to ensure that your program is successful and More...

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